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Do you have to be a CCS student, attend Cornerstone Church and/or Warrior teams to participate in CYS?

No. CYS is a competitive and developmental sports programs open to all athletes from 4-12 years old.

What age groups and what leagues does CYS participate in?

CYS teams participate in various leagues based on the individual sport and number of participants. We also host our own CYS

Do you offer year round sports programs?

Our aim is to develop all athletes of all levels. To achieve this, some sports do have year round training and competition. For example, we have 2 seasons for soccer plus summer skills camps. Football also offers 2 seasons, plus select tournament teams.

If my athlete participates in CYS teams, can he/she participate with other organizations?

Yes. We encourage all athletes to continually develop their skills.

Where will games be played?

CYS offers a variety of sports programs. Each sport has different schedules and seasons, thus games will be played throughout the city. In addition, CYS teams might travel outside the city for games and/or tournaments. Games and tournaments will also be hosted by CYS on the campus of Cornerstone Christian Schools.

When and where are practices scheduled?

The majority of the practices will be held at the campus of Cornerstone Christian Schools. Practice days and times vary by sport, but as a general rule practices run between 1 to 2 hours, 3 days per week.

What happens if I want to switch sports after I have registered?

Refunds are issued on a case by case basis.  Generally, once the uniforms are ordered, there are no refunds.

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